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Tools & Machineries

Tools & Machineries

Hadid Global Limited is Machines Tool & Equipment Supplier, Wholesalers & Importer in Bangladesh. Our comprehensive range of precision machinery designed to meet diverse industrial needs. From cutting-edge technology to reliable equipment, we deliver excellence in every product. Choose Hadid Global Limited for superior engineering solutions, ensuring efficiency and innovation in your projects. Your trusted partner for high-quality machine tools and equipment.

Circuit Breaker
Plug & Socket
Distribution Box
Grinding Machine
Welding Machine
Marble Cutter
Room Temperature Meter
CMF Meter Fluke 925
Double Gauge Pressure Meter
Smart Sensor Digital Clamp Meter
Drill Machine
Slide Caliper
Combined Socket
Matam Measuring Tools Professional
Laser Distance Meter
Metric Micrometer Caliper
Industrial 3 pin multi plug socket
Floor Socket Industrial Multi Plug
Combination Spanner
Pipe Wrench
Ratcheting Wrench & Socket
Adjustable wrench
Screw driver