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Electrical items

Electrical items

Competitive prices on a wide range of electric items with Hadid Global Limited, your premier engineering equipment supplier in Bangladesh. Explore our diverse selection, from unearth technology to everyday essentials. Trust Hadid Global Limited for transparent and fair pricing on best quality electric items, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every purchase.

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Double Pole ELCB and RCBO
Surge protection devices (SPD)
Magnetic Contactor
D.O.L Starter
Thermal Overload Relay
Electric Over Current Relay
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Energy monitoring meter
Vacuum circuit breaker
Voltage and frequency monitor
Air Circuit Breaker
Industrial Motor Control Products
Photoelectric Sensors
Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Mean Well Switching Mode Power Supply
Motor Electric Capacitor
Industrial Plugs and Sockets