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Clamps & Support.

Clamps & Support.

Hadid Global Limited your trusted engineering equipment supplier in Bangladesh, proudly offers a diverse range of standard clamps. As leading clamp suppliers, we provide precision engineered solutions for various applications. Count on Hadid Global Limited for reliable and robust clamps that meet industry standards. Elevate your projects with our exceptional products and unmatched service. Choose us as your preferred partner for excellence in clamp supplies in Bangladesh.

U Bolt & U Clamp
Hose Clamp
Swivel Loop Hanger
Thread Rod
Royal Plug
PP Belt
G.I Ware
Cot Screw with Washer
PP Clip
PP Belt carton strapping machine
T Head Bolt
Button Head Screw
Truss Head Screw
Flange serrated nut
Square Nut
Socket Head Bolt
Hex Head Bolt
Wing Nut
Shear Nut
Eye Bolt
Carriage Bolt
Head self drilling screw
Spring Washer
Cup Washer
Tooth Lock Washer
Flat Washer
MS Angle
GP Sheet
Aluminium U Chanel
Duct Insulation
Flat Bar
GI Mesh
Aluminium Sheet