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Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Equipment

At Hadid Global Limited, we specialize in providing Best Quality fire fighting equipment in Bangladesh. As a leading engineering equipment supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of reliable and high quality solutions to enhance fire safety. Choose Hadid Global Limited for cutting edge fire fighting equipment, ensuring the utmost protection for your assets and personnel. Elevate your safety standards with our trusted products and services.

Horizontal split case pump
Certified Diesel Engine
Vertical turbine fire pump
Foot Valve (Flange Type)
Fire brigade connection
Y strainer
OS & Y Valves
Alarm check valve assembly
Fire Protection Ball Valves
Tamper Switch
Pressure relief valve.
Venturi Type Fire Pump Test Meter
Vane type waterflow detector
Air Vent Valve
Fire Hose Rack Cabinet
Fire Hose Rack Assemblies
Landing valve
Fire Hydrants
Upright Sprinkler
Recessed Pendent Sprinkler
Machanical Tee Threaded Outlet
Fire Rated Door Double Leaf
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Smoke Detector
Heat detector
Fire Proof Cable
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Ball
Exit Sign
Fire Bucket
Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint