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Lubricant & Chemical

Lubricant & Chemical

Hadid Global Limited, Bangladesh's leading engineering equipment supplier. As specialists in lubricants and chemicals, we offer premium solutions to enhance your industrial processes. From cutting-edge technology to exceptional service, trust us to provide the highest quality products for optimal performance. Elevate your operations with Hadid Global Limited, your reliable partner in engineering excellence.

Hydraulic Oil
Engine Oil
Grease Oil
Compressor Oil
High-temperature Grease
Boiler Chemical
Anti Scaling Chemical
Heat Transfer Oil
Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor
Algaecide (Liquid)
Concentrated Liquid Descaler
Mr Mckenic Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry)
Fully Synthetic Engine Oils
Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Bangladesh
Athena ProGear HD 85w-140 (G017)
Athena ProGear FS 75w-85 (G172)
Syngear PAO 460 (G148)
Hydraulic Oil Ultramax MG 68