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Firefighting Pipe & Pipe Hanger

Firefighting Pipe & Pipe Hanger

Firefighting pipe is used to convey water or fire retardant. Usually it is carbon steel pipe in red FBE or galvanized coating. Pipe hanger and accessories are designed to control pipe movement and vibration, withstand and transfer the load from pipe to the supporting structures.Hadid Global limited provides most of fire sprinkler pipes and accessories in UL listed / FM approved.

ASTM A53 ERW Steel Pipe
ASTM A795 ERW Steel Pipe
ASTM A135 ERW Steel Pipe
Roll Grooving Machine
Hole cutting machine (Pipe hole cutter)
Pipe Threading Machine
Pipe Cutting Machine
Swivel Loop Hanger (Band Hanger)
Clevis Hanger
Cup Nut Loop Hanger
Rubber Lined Split Clamp
Standard Pipe Clamp