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Voice Evacuation System

Voice Evacuation System

The VX-2000 Series is a versatile broadcast and public address system that fulfills the requirements of EN60849 / IEC60849 standard for general purpose and emergency broadcasts. It is configured for simple as well as for complex installations. The total system is composed of a System Manager, Surveillance Frame, Power Amplifiers, Power Supply, Emergency Power Supply, Fireman's Microphone and user-specified number of Remote Microphones. The most important factor in an emergency system is total reliability. The VX-2000 features include multiple failure detection measures that constantly check components and speaker lines for any faults or abnormalities which are informed via indicators and buzzers. Its fully modular configuration facilitates assembling a system that is ideally optimized for a particular application with specific modules. 

System Features

  • Module-base sound system
  • Max. 15 external audio inputs and 80 speaker lines  
  • 4 bus audio matrix
  • Max. 128 control inputs and outputs
  • Built-in yearly program timer for scheduled broadcasting
  • Continuous speaker line monitoring without  interruption of BGM or paging announcements